Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jesus Walking

"God provides, but my lack of want is not based on His provision. It is based on the fact that He is the shepherd, even if He does not provide now. I declare that I will not want, that I will not succumb to the heresy of doubting the benevolence of God, even if today I am hungry. Why? Because I am filled by who He is, not what He does. He is my shepherd and since that is true, I can follow Him through some pretty terrible places knowing that He will always be the shepherd. ” [skip moen]

"Boy, this excerpt really challenged me to my core. My husband and I are walking through a very tough financial situation where the business has all but fallen out of his business [he has been self-employed for 6 years], and “real” jobs are practically non-existent. Six months of scraping by just to put food on the table and keep the lights on have culminated in the Foreclosure letter we received last week from our mortgage company’s legal team. In 30 days [give or take] we could be finding ourselves without this home. That part doesn’t scare me because I understand that this home is just a structure and that we can make wherever we live our “home”. The fear that is beginning to creep in and consume my soul is the possibility that we could not only lose our home but that because of the lack of business in my husband’s business and the fact that resumes go out but responses don’t come back, we could actually be facing homelessness. I have made peace with the looming foreclosure and know that it is not the end of my world. But the thought of not only losing our home but also not having the steady income to be able to qualify for another place to live scares the life out of me.

There. I said it! Yes, I am scared about this even though “perfect love casts out all fears”; even though “the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want”. I do not want a big, beautiful mansion [we certainly don't live in one now], nor do I even care if our family of 6 ends up living on top of one another in a 2 bedroom apartment. What I can’t wrap my mind around, or even consider letting my emotions take hold of, is the fact that our foreclosure may not be the worse thing we are facing…we could actually be without a home altogether.

I so want to find the peace that surpasses all understanding because I certainly do not understand this situation. I am ready to walk away from all that we “have” but I am not prepared to walk away from something into nothing." [my comment left on his site regarding his devotion based on Psalm 23]

"Dear Babs,
You are not alone. There are many in this small community who face similar circumstances. That isn’t much consolation, I know. But maybe this will be. The purpose of this community is to ACT according to the Spirit of The Holy One. So, here’s what I would like to do, and I hope what others will help make possible. At God’s Table has some reserves from donations. I want to make these available as I can as loans to brothers and sisters, just as Deuteronomy tells us. No interest, just use while you are going through hard times. Then repay so someone else can use the funds. What do you think?" [skip's comment back to me]

"Dear Skip,

I am overwhelmed by your immediate response in words [didn't expect that]. I shared my heart seeking a community of prayer and/or a word of encouragement/wisdom that would speak to my heart. I am even more overwhelmed by your heart of generosity. I know that Anthony, my husband [whom you've spoken with via telephone and also had personal email communication with], will also share in my reaction. He is out for the morning but I will definitely share your response with him when he gets home. We will be in contact soon. For now, I want to use this time to pray for wisdom and direction in accordance with your kindness. AND also give our God praise for how he works and pray abundant blessing and favor upon you, your family, this ministry and its community." [my comment back to Skip]

"I am thanking God for the compassion that I see taking feet and doing. I pray for much blessing for you BabsC and your husband. Knowing that our LORD is not far away but close at hand and that His right Hand is not short. Brother Skip I also thank God for your faith of action. I am going to send a little extra this month to be done as the community needs."
a fellow traveler of the Way,
Jeffrey [a reader of Skip's devotions]

"Could you take an extra $70.00 out of my credit card ( from using the info that you have and deduct from each month) and use it to help that woman and her husband not lose their house? Ironically, the only thing I DIDN'T lose in the chaos is my house. If she lived near me and needed a place, I'd welcome her whole crew in!"

I went to Jesus this morning seeking "something"... peace, answers, direction... whatever I could get. I read something that reached in and grabbed my heart, shook it up and challenged it to think differently. Then I reached out because it's all I can think to do right now. Keep putting us out there and God will work, some how... stay quiet and so may God.

Today, I stand in awe of how God has been lived out by complete strangers. This is Jesus walking. So, I will not borrow tomorrow's trouble. I will continue to believe that He is going to see us through this, even if it doesn't look like we imagined it would.


  1. I cried and prayed through this entire thing. All I can say is, HIS BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. Jesus, You're amazing ... how You make Yourself known through humble humans.

    Hold on to this encouraging moment!!

  2. P.S. Thank you for your comment on my blog. It was the sweetest application of all we talked about!

  3. Just read your Twitter about the new blog you are apart of that you told me about over coffee. SO excited to start reading...