Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I remember being a young girl and dreaming of my wedding day and the life of "happily ever after". As I find myself generations removed from those dreams that sprang from the blissful ignorance of the unknown and from the naivete' of not understanding that dreams usually don't match reality, I am faced with the realization that the cause and effect of life strikes a deeper blow to the core of who we are than most of us care to admit.

Once, I believed that a year of planning, months of shopping, and a church filled the ones you loved would write the script for the happy ending. that a beautiful gown, a blusher veil and flawless make-up and hair would prepare the way for a life of white picket fences, 2.2 kids, a dog and the perfect partner with whom one would grow old.

Oh, how the dreams of the innocent differ from the realities of life.

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