Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perspective Granted

"And sometimes I envy that blissful ignorance [of fresh love, awaiting marriage, untested by trials]. But then I don't. Because a love that cannot be quenched by many waters is more valuable. And that's what I have. A refined love. An action love. The kind of love that took Jesus to the cross. I know that love because I know heartache in love. I know sacrifice in love. I know death in love. Father, You think that's a gift. So I thank You for my hardships! And for this true love that quiets all my expectations. This love makes me more like You."

It's perspective like this - one that my heart desires yet hasn't yet asked for - that I know is brought to me because of God's heart for me to be less like me and more like Him.

Do you, Coli, know how often you bring perspective to me, unbeknownst to you, when I dare to open up my world through words? You are so committed to reading my rants and so good at bringing clarity to my - often times - cloudy eyes.

Thank You, my SisNBff, for doing what you do best... Being a Friend!!!!

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