Monday, August 20, 2007

Missing U

It’s 4:45 on Monday morning, and we’re on the road, headed back to Texas. The nighttime sky, that hasn’t yet awakened to the dawn, still sparkles with a gazillion stars. It’s probably the most beautiful part of the desert. My heart is anticipating the day ahead of me -- we’re headed to the Grand Canyon -- yet, it’s already missing the family I am leaving behind.

It’s been a fantastic week. Our California vacation was better than expected and filled with memories that we’ll all cherish for a lifetime. But this blagh is not written to capture the week of vacation that is now part of my past, or the two days left ahead of us that we’ll spend on the road as we head home. This blagh is simply to share what is on my heart at this moment in time...

I’m Missing Y’all Already!

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