Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Home Again

Vacations are a blast! And our family vacation to California was a true vacation... all rest and play. We didn’t come home needing a vacation from our vacation. We all came home not wanting to spend any more time than necessary in the truck, though. Four full days in the car, out of the 11 days we were gone, was enough for all of us for a while.

Aside from the road trip days, which really weren’t bad, considering... our days in California loaded us all up with memories to last a lifetime. I know we all came home with “our favorite day and favorite moment”. Let me share mine with you...

“My favorite day” was our last day in California, spent at The Thompson abode. It’s not because of the location that I chose this day as my favorite - it’s because all the family that could have been there was there. Having all the California family gathered together felt like old times, except there was a bit of new... Anthony, Marian and Savannah. From bbq’ing to pool volleyball (sorry for the bump on the head, Riah) to good fun and lots of laughs... this day put a cap on a vacation that was already fantastic.

“My favorite moment” isn’t hard to choose... it was the moment we pulled into the driveway at Mom and Dad’s house. The long drive there was now behind us and every minute of our vacation still lay ahead of us. I had butterflies of excitement swirling around my bejjy (that’s for you, A), and it was all I could do to contain Teighlor and Alec as they “very impatiently” waited for Anthony to stop the car so they could get out and run to meet Grandma and Grandpa.

This vacation was all about “family”.... reuniting with familiar “loved ones” and introducing new “ones I love”.

Thank you to y’all for making our vacation one that we will never forget! Mom and Dad... for opening your home to a house full and for allowing our vacation to be one of total relaxation. Marg... for taking so much time out of your busy schedule (of sun tanning) to come hang with us. Bill and Marg.... for hosting us on our last day in Cali with all kinds of yummy foods and pool party fun. To all the rest y’all... thanks for coming and hanging out with us and making my new family part of yours!

Last, but not least... Thank YOU, our Father in Heaven, for YOUR provision! From the incredibly comfortable truck that got us there and back, to the necessary funds to pay for the trip itself, to the family that made my new husband and two new daughters feel like they had been part of our family for years. I am truly blessed beyond my dreams!

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