Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comment & Reply

Sometimes I have to record my thoughts/comments left on another's blog because the words themselves are life for me as God often shows Himself to an even greater degree in what He expands on as I write my heart.
"I was caught up in loving HIM and I found myself with my head bowed and my hands cupped to my face as if rolled into my heart."

What a beautifully written word picture. "As if rolled into my heart.." This just strikes me right to my heart and makes my spirit sigh in peace. These words immediately radiate a sense of protection, of hiding, of rest and security...a place where Jesus is waiting to meet me. And, as you said, a place we can all go at any time.

I love when I get to see a glimpse of how Jesus affects the heart of others and where he draws them for "a moment, a minute, or a message".

"Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it." Seeing this verse from The Message was just what I needed today. It's a perfectly timed reminder of the ease of learning from Jesus...being his apprentice. I think I struggle too often to just "be" like Jesus; forcing my own hand to do what I think Jesus would do or respond how I think he would respond. But this verse states the simplicity of HIM: Watch how I do it...learn from Me.

"Learn the unforced rhythms of grace"...I am going to let that one settle on my heart today. What a life lesson that even at first glance just feels easy to be drawn into.

Thank you, Mary Jo, for sharing your heart for prayer with us. I am so encouraged and fed by this today. 
Mary Jo's reply was just as meaningful and special to me:

Dearest Babs,
Oh, thank you for your comments - how they blessed me! We must be "kindred-spirits."
When I was writing the phrase "As if rolled into my heart.." caught me by surprise! It was so HIM.
I didn't dig or strive for that ... HE did it! That's when taking pen in hand is FUN!

I remember when I was first challenged to find the rhythm of the Holy Spirit for my life. I can't carry a tune, make up my own words to songs and failed piano 4 times ... but I do have rhythm!

Isn't loving HIM the greatest adventure ...

Thanks again for taking time to comment.

Mary Jo 

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  1. Lately I've been drawn back to the poetry of words. How they open up places of us that would otherwise stay locked. So, like you, I appreciate the imagery of her words!