Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walk Through ... Don't Just Read

““The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” is not a statement which introduces institutional principles. It is the beginning of a description of a place that He has been and we have not.” Bob Hamp: Change The Right Thing, Pt. 3

"This is a beautiful statement. Really. Beautiful is what came to my mind immediately. This was my revelation moment in this blog. I felt Holy Spirit whisper those words as I read them … and they instantly transformed (supernaturally) from words into a beautiful doorway, awaiting my entrance. "Walk through, don’t just read." That’s what I heard. And my heart has begun singing…" [my comment on this blog]
When Holy Spirit decides to breathe life into words, I'm generally unprepared for the moment. It hits me upside my heart like a locomotive running head long into the most ginormous pile of TempurPedic mattresses. I feel the force of the blow of truth and can hear the steaming hiss of wisdom; but instead of the impact being life-threatening, it's cushioned by grace, and the foreboding hiss is transformed into a life-giving whisper.

Revelation is caught in my heart in the same manner a water balloon is caught in a balloon tossing contest, except Holy Spirit is both the tosser and the catcher. He lobs up a balloon full of living water and then rushes over and uses a purposefully gentle motion to bring that balloon into my heart. Instead of allowing LIFE to hit his hands like a brick wall and splatter  - leaving the contents to evaporate on the ground  - He uses tenderness to absorb the blow so that same LIFE is given the opportunity to soak into my soul and become transformational.

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  1. That creates the most stunning visual imagery of would-be destruction impacting in love. Amazing, babe.


    Your groom