Saturday, March 20, 2010

In Preparation

for our trip west, i have been busy from the time i woke up until ... well, just about now. it's almost 10pm and i am finally winding down and feeling as if all that i needed to come together, has come together. when i think about the volume of things that i got done today, the list isn't as long as the day itself. it's just that getting to this place - just about finished - has taken the hours of today to accomplish.

with only five hours left until you arrive at our house, i'm not sure if i should lie down and try to get some sleep or tough it out. i'm kinda tired, so i'm thinking i'm gonna go lay down somewhere quiet and see if sleep will be my friend for a few hours. the kids have decided to stay awake and use the long day ahead of us to get in their hours of sleep. i don't blame them. fifteen hours in a car seems endless when first starting out.

well, that's about all that i wanted to get down before bidding adieu' to my life as i know it for the next week. i'm looking forward to the new memories this drive will bring. the new ism's that will accidentally pop out of our mouths. and the inevitable laughter at the silliest things that will eventually become a necessity when that thirteen hour in the car approaches.

even though it's over eight hours away, i'm looking forward to the first starbucks that will be open come sunrise.

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