Monday, May 18, 2009

Through HIS Creation

Psalm 19:1 The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.

Today was, simply put, a gorgeous day. I trekked out to the store at 10am after realizing we had but 3 full squares of toilet paper left in this entire house - eek - and was immediately captured by God's presence in full bloom through His creation. Between the cool morning breeze, the birds that literally couldn't stop singing and the sunshine that delivered just enough heat to warm my soul but not enough to make me sweat, my heart couldn't stop smiling. I rolled down the windows of my SUV and breathed in deeply. The overwhelming heaviness of last week's all-consuming humidity had lifted and was replaced by the fragrance of fresh cut grass. [THIS] is the definition of a perfect spring day.

With toilet paper shopping completed, I took a quick detour down Central to my nearest Starbucks. Somehow, for me, Starbucks and Sunshine make such perfect companions. So, I took the $2 that was left over from our family trip to see Earth and purchased my Iced Grande Americano, all ice, no water please. After a dash of Splenda and a bit of Half & Half, I was back in the car and on my way home... hoping that in the time that it took to me to fulfill my Starbucks and Sunshine quest, no one at home needed to visit the bathroom.

With coffee in hand, I drove home and found myself overwhelmed to tears by the beauty of this day. Anyone who knows me knows that the words "tears" and "Babs" don't really go together. I'm a pretty practical person [ooh, i just illiterated] and have never been one known to wear my heart on my sleeve. Not that I have anything against heart-sleeves, it's just not how God made me. Something has to really move my soul [or catch me off guard] to bring me to tears. I guess this morning God did both. He not only consumed my soul with the absolute perfection of His creation, He caught me off guard with the capacity for my heart to recognize Him from the moment my garage door opened and His creation met me face-to-face.

Reaching my destination of home, I went straight to my children and told them to pack up their home school stuff because we were schooling "al fresco" style at the park today. I then found my husband in his office so I could share with him my excitement over God's creation. As I looked out his windows into the backyard, I saw a beautiful blue bird perched on the top of our fence. Yesterday, I had discovered this same bird settled on the bird bath, looking into it and thinking [as I imagined it would], "Isn't there supposed to be water in this thing?" Ooh, I had let this poor bird down by teasing it with an empty bird bath. It's like sending kids out to the backyard with their swim suits on only to discover that the pool was never filled. Tomorrow I am going to fill that concrete bird bath. It's always been an eye-sore to me because I've never liked the bulky aspect of it, but my perspective has been changed.

The other day, as I was driving Alec home from a baseball game and was stopped at a light, I watched a bird crazily flutter about in a small puddle left by the rainfall from the previous day. I giggled as I watched it dip its head into this mini bird pool over and over again and shake its tailfeathers as the water rolled down its back. It reminded me of the days when I would watch my kids [when they were younger] pitch themselves repeatedly onto the yellow Slip 'N' Slide and laugh as the holes on the side of the mat spewed streams of water at them.

God has given us creation in order for us to see Him in it; whether its robin's egg blue skies, cotton ball clouds, a bird's lullaby or the sound of our childrens' laughter. It's all created by Him so He could share it with us.

Today, God reached out and touched me through His creation, and I was changed [today] because of it.

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  1. I love this. Cause it's right where I am too!

    P.S. Really enjoyed how this blog was written. The details. The journey. Just fun writing style.