Monday, May 11, 2009

So Thankful in the Midst of Incredible Loss

Anyone who reads my blog may have already presumed by this blog title that I'm going to write about our personal, financial struggle. Loss, when I think of it, does center around that these days. But that's not it... tonight.

Just a bit ago, as I sat here updating my Mac calendar so that my weeks ahead will remain on time and in order, I heard Anthony loudly exclaim from his office, "Oh No!". I immediately asked him what was wrong, and he joined me in the kitchen to share with me a tweet that had just come across. The next door neighbor of a friend of his in Atlanta had accidentally run over his 18-month little girl in the driveway - killing her - and this friend was tweeting for immediate prayer for the family. [that is Twitter in action, at it's best use]

I do not know this family, not even their first names, but my heart immediately sank with sorrow upon hearing the news. I can't possibly imagine - even if I tried - what that family is going through... what that father is going through. Anthony and I were both at a loss for words. How can you possibly wrap your mind around something so tragic? A day after they celebrated Mother's Day, their littlest one is gone... and Father's Day is just a month away. Will he even be in a place emotionally to be able to celebrate his 3 oldest children or will that day be the harshest reality of today's catastrophic accident?

We bowed our heads and prayed for this family with pleas for comfort and peace that will have to surpass ALL understanding; for protection over and an immediate bonding of hearts in unity for that marriage that will no doubt be battered by Satan as he attempts to use this tragedy to bridge a gap between husband and wife.

And then Anthony spoke the words that we both felt... no matter what we lose in this present time it will not compare to the loss this family has suffered. We have our family, and that's all that matters.


  1. I fell asleep last night crying and praying for this man. This family. And now, after reading your blog - I wake up to the same tears and prayer.

    Thank you Father, for everything I HAVE!

  2. A quiet hush has come over my heart...and my heart cries out for this family and this father. God is in the business of redeeming all we go through...and yet healing always takes time. I pray for every step of their journey that His hand may be felt by this family...carrying them!