Friday, April 17, 2009

A Few Thoughts From The Past Week

I just realized that I haven't posted anything in almost a week, and the last blog I posted is one written from a heart of despair. Time to put something 'fresh and new' up...

The day after I wrote Hopelessness Is Hopeless, I was floored by the extreme generosity of God's heart flowing through the hearts of others. God reached down, through the hands of His children, and touched us. He threw out the life raft to let us know that He was still there and that day [Resurrection Sunday] the storm was not going to suck us under.

Two faces became the face of Jesus. They walked in His footprints and tangibly made a difference... a GINORMOUS difference! They reached right into their hearts and handed us a piece.

Over the past 2 days, I have read a few blogs that contained golden nuggets for me... well, not specifically written for me, but I have claimed them for myself. :)
  1. ...healing is like manna. It is provided for today. In that way, I will continually be dependent on God as my comfort. Yesterday’s comfort took care of yesterday’s pain. And I am more whole because of it!! But tomorrow’s pain is for God to take care of tomorrow. [via coli jones]
  2. In-Him we find that we were created with greater purpose and power than we can currently imagine. But don’t let that stop you from imagining. Imagine Big….Imagine fiercely…It is still bigger, but have fun imagining. It is this polarity…not-him, versus In-Him, that leads to the Great War. Someone (could it be…Satan) wants you to believe less about God, so He attacks your most accurate picture of God; you-in-Him. [via bob hamp]


  1. Yesterday I read a book that was written by a son/mom team. When the boy was 12, he was in an auto accident that took him to heaven for a time. While he was there, he saw that every time someone prayed, God sent an angel out to answer that prayer. So I kept praying for you yesterday! And for all you need!

    Any news? Did the checks come in?

  2. Hmmm, that gives me such a vivid image to put to prayer. AND a renewed heart that prayer DOES make a difference - each and every one - even if we can't see the work of each one immediately. Thank you for that encouragement.

    Yes, they came this week! A bit more in our life raft. We've been given room to breathe for this month. I'm not looking any more forward than today, so today I sit in peace knowing, that today, we are taken care of.

    Tomorrow... well, you know what is said about tomorows!

  3. I love your #2. God has been teaching me that I really can take him at his word. I can be confident in my hope for all he promises. Rom. 10:11 "...anyone who trusts in him will never be disgraced".

    I love your writing BTW. I draw so much from people who are willing to be open and real.
    Rebecca Gates