Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunlight... Sonbright

Right now it's 2:30am, and I am still awake. I just got through reading some of the entries from Coli's Cambodia blog, but felt I needed to get a few thoughts off my chest before trying to retire for the night.

I had such an awesome day!!! It's been a long time - far too long - since I've had the privilege of spending an entire day with Coli. Long over due! Although my afternoon with her brought fun - a new haircut and prettier hair color - it was the morning hours we spent out in the front yard talking that were the highlight for me. I am always amazed at how God takes our walks with Him through such similar courses even when we have no idea that it's happening until we get together to share with each other.

We have both been struggling with our faith in what our future holds, in our belief that God will deliver what we believe He's promised us, in our ability to continue to hope and the effect it's all taken on our prayer lives at different times. Then there's the shutting down of our MySpace accounts because we both felt drawn to leave them behind - for the same reasons, around the same time. And, we both found our old blogspot accounts and began blogging again - for ourselves, not for others.

I told Coli and Anthony that I feel like Coli is my kin spirit. For years now we have found ourselves on like spiritual paths - uck, that sounds so zen-like - but, it's true. Today was just another confirmation of that. Although our circumstances are different, our struggles so mirror one another's.

There is a connection between us that crosses the age boundary. Even when we haven't talked in weeks - truly talked - we easily come back together and share as sisters.

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