Friday, February 10, 2006

Puppies Go Home

How, in just a matter of days, do 10 cute, adorable, and sweet smelling puppies turn into one ginormous group of stanky, sticky, ball of puppy poo???? Go ahead... laugh... it's not funny anymore. As a matter of fact, those puppies that were bundles of joy just this past weekend have morphed into the biggest burden of continuous crap cleaning that I've ever encountered.

Five weeks ago Liberty gave birth to 10 puppies that couldn't see, couldn't walk, and that had to crawl their way to their mother's belly just to nurse. Who ever imagined that within a matter of 5 weeks those same helpless puppies would grow into a group of clueless creatures that don't seem to care that they sleep in pools of puppy pee and roll around in piles of puppy poo. UGH!

Just this past Monday, a mere 4 days ago, we removed the whelping box they were sleeping in and expanded their living territory to a big chunk of the kitchen floor. We also started the process of paper training. I can't even begin to describe the nightmare that has unfolded since that fateful day! Have you ever tried to housebreak a new puppy? It requires a lot of time and attention, doesn't it? NOW multiply that by 10!!!!! It is NON-STOP peeing, pooping, cleaning, scrubbing, peeing, pooping, cleaning, scrubbing... get my point? And that's not even the worst part...

I've had two kids. I've changed so many diapers that I could do it with my eyes closed, and the dirtiest diaper wouldn't even faze me. Well, I've found something that just makes me want to vomit. Are you just the slight bit curious? Let me share...

Picking up warm, soft, freshly eliminated puppy poo and doing it in record time so that the other 9 puppies won't traipse right through it and leave puppy poo paw prints (say that 5 times fast) all over the floor as a secondary form of necessary clean up. It's just so nasty and so wrong -- on so many different levels!!!

Last week I never thought I'd say this, but here goes...

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