Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 Thankful Tweets

Since November marked the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, I decided that I wanted to make this year's holiday more meaningful by purposefully embracing a month of Thankfulness. I vowed to tweet a moment from each day for which I was thankful, because moments not captured somewhere tend to get lost in the shuffle of life.

These are my thankful moments as they were tweeted each day:

Day #1: Something small, but its joy is not lost on me. [TheRedCup]. Welcome November!
Day #2: Soooo NOT feeling healthy; just icky sick. Today, I am THANKFUL that I get to be home.
Day #3: Tonight I am thankful for @yepthatslindsey driving @teighlorelissa home from @GatewayPeople's Pretty In Pink. Allowed me to rest.
Day #4: Feeling better today. Yay! On another note, slept w windows open last night. The home dropped to 62. Burrr. Thankful for heat&health.
Day #5: What a great moment watching my husband freak out in excitement over his first earthquake.
Day #6: With 3 out of 6 struck by a stomach bug this w/e, I am thankful that I'm healthy to do the cleanup&care and that it's only 3 out of 6.
Day #7: Sitting in my living room lit by twinkle lights. I'm thankful for twinkle lights. They're my favorite!
Day #8: After watching Teighlor suffer harshly from this [flu] bug, I'm thankful she's able to get rest tonight.
Day #9: 6hrs + Red Cups + Pinterest + Lemongrass+PeiWei +Words&Laughter + Yes! + Bestie = Lots of Thankful Moments.
Day #10: Thankful for Thursday, Titus 2, Teaching and Prayer Growth.
Day #11: Thankful for a fun/full night hosting friends from South Carolina: Babe's Chicken to FW twinkle lights to D-town Dallas drop off.
Day #12: God spoke the same message to Anthony and me re: get debt free.
Day #13: Thankful that Mr. Budget allowed for pizza take out. It's delish.
Day #14: RT @TeighlorElissa: It's official. I'm hooked. // Just introduced today. She asked, "Why?". Now this. Gotcha!
Day #15: Spontaenous Day + Her 1st Dream Unveiling + Bestie = My Today Gift
Day #16: WOW. WOW. and WOW! God is amazing. Super-splendiferous. Crazy in His ways. A wonder maker! He makes ways where we just can't see.
Day #17: Titus 2. Removing labels. A treasure chest of gold and Jesus. Kids giving Christmas away and getting it back. Thankful for so much today!
Day #18: Thankful for purposed friendship and Marci Harper.
Day #19: Thankful to have in our home Lilli Love Jones. The soon to be adopted daughter of Jason&Coli.
Day #20: Awesome morning service at Gateway, followed by an afternoon full of family, soon to be followed by Habitation. A good Sunday.
Day #21: A generous man will prosper. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25-28 // Truth. Soul food.
Day #22: RedCups. Conversation. Truth. Wisdom. Dreams. Ministry. Chips&Salsa. Friendship. All part of my day. Thankful for Brittney Nelson.
Day #23: Ending a long day in the kitchen with a glass of red wine and a hot bath. Today was filled with all kinds of homemade fun. Thankful.
Day #24: The Days of Thanks is finally here! From family & friends to food & fellowship, I have much for which to be thankful. BLESSEDBEYONDBELIEF
Day #25: The Black Friday trip wasn't that bad. Gotta couple really good deals. I can feel Mr. Budget smiling.
Day #26: A relaxing day [mostly] at home. Chilly outdoors. Fire going. Twinkle lights on. Comfort food cooking. Sipping Cab-Merlot. Thankful.
Day #27: RT @anthonycoppedge: A fire on a cold morning makes for a happy living room. // And a a happy me!
Day #28: Spent hours online searching for the best CyberMonday deals. Very successful! Mr. Budget and I were both very thankful.
Day #29: Sweet morning of uninterrupted, long over due, 12 hours of sleep.
Day #30: A night of food, recipes, stories, new friends, old friends & laughter. Thankful for memories made!

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