Wednesday, August 20, 2008

@ 16%

My battery’s at 16%. Yes, that's the truth; probably much more figurative even though it's quite literal.

I need to plug in
The red line shouts my immediate need
What's left won't last long
What's been used can't be restored
Without tapping into the source of power
It's my choice
Keep pushing on with what remains
Knowing the inevitable outcome
Or spend the time plugged in
To get back to 100%

The needs of my computer are a complete mirror to the needs of my spiritual life... yet the process in which one gets recharged vs. the other couldn't be more opposite. The one I tend too without thought because all I have to do is plug in and walk away, go about my day and return to it fully charged without any effort on my part. The other requires me to stop my world - the obligations, the to do lists, the want to's and need to's - and make the time to listen, pray, read, sing and just be still.

I have only so much battery to run on before I drain it completely - before I have nothing left.

Life would be so much "easier" if I could get recharged the same way my computer does... just plug in and go about my day without any effort, without any thought, without any loss of time.

Today I know that, just like my computer, my "spiritual battery" is red-lining. I see the immediate need and I know the inevitable outcome. And yet, despite my knowledge, my head still is urging me to squeeze as much as I can out of that 16% and tackle my list of to do's.

After all, I can plug in when I get to 2%, can't I?

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