Friday, February 1, 2008

Hide & Seek II

Two days ago I lamented about why it is we feel the need to hide as Christians. I was burdened by the weight of a rampant and perpetual lie that the enemy is so successful at getting us to believe and succumb to. I had no answers to these questions at the time of my ramblings - just the heaviness “of the unresolved” resting on my shoulders.

My intent was to publish my blahg and see if someone could provide me with an answer - a balm to soothe my wounds of doubt and frustration. It turns out that God had another plan. My internet was not working so I had no way of putting my thoughts out into the “world wide web” in hope of receiving words of wisdom from someplace other than the confines of my home.

Was it God’s plan to simply (somehow) download the answers to my questions so that my heart could rest contentedly in peace - satisfied and able to move forward because I no longer carried the burden? No. In fact, God didn’t answer my questions at all - well, in a manner of speaking. Instead, He provided a way for the burden to be lifted.

I received a text message that very evening. A friend was in need and reached out for help. That text message lead to 2 hours of phone conversation where the details of a ‘year in the making’ that lead to ‘this moment in time’ were unloaded. And then three hours later another phone call [from this friend] lead to an intense time of prayer that took us late into the night.

In the end, all of my friend’s problems, struggles and temptations were not immediately resolved, but what the Lord did was prepare the way for his victory to be fulfilled and His glory to be praised.

I sit here this morning understanding that the questions I asked on Wednesday really don’t need answers. I simply need to be available [when called on] to be used by God to bring about His resolution.

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