Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And So It Ends...

So, Christmas and the season that surrounds it, has come and gone. Soon, the crispy Christmas tree will come down, the decorations will get packed away and the house will be returned to its normal state. Isn’t it ironic how ‘bare’ the house seems after the Christmas decorations are taken down? Why is it that it takes a couple weeks for us to adjust to our homes again - post Christmas season - when it’s how they look all year long?

Personally, even though I look forward to Christmas and all that it brings, I am eager to move on. I’m eager to have my living room consist of more than a Christmas tree; I’m eager to listen to music that can’t be described as a ‘carol’; and I’m eager to return this ‘department store wrapping area’ back to my bedroom.

But, I will cherish all of the memories that were made, and I will smile when I think back on the moments that made this Christmas season special. A few of my favorites...

The spontaneity of buying our Christmas tree - 2 weeks too early - and freezing as we stood in the Home Depot nursery trying to decide between the ‘normal’ 5-6 ft. tree and the ‘bigger is always better’ 8-9 ft. tree. Bigger and better won out.
Decorating the tree - a week later - while Christmas music played in the background, the aroma of hot chocolate filled the air, and kids focused their attention on filling one-third of the tree with ornaments... the front-center portion.
Walking through the Gaylord Texan and being treated to Christmas done the Texas way... BIGGER! We also managed to get some cute pictures of the family, which is always a bonus.
Attending our very first tree lighting ceremony and being wonderfully amazed at how many times the name of Jesus was used and getting the privilege of bowing our heads in prayer as the Mayor led us all in a Christmas prayer. You wouldn’t see that happen in California.
Baking Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve and watching Teighlor and Marian engage in a flour fight when it was time to clean up.
Having Jason and Coli join us for a few hours on Christmas Eve and laughing at Coli’s inability to have the kids wait until Christmas morning to open the gifts her and J brought with them. I have a feeling their kids will be treated to Christmas Eve unwrapping because SHE won’t be able to wait until Christmas morning!
Celebrating old traditions - like the Happy Birthday Jesus cake - and making new ones... Coli and Jason are now OBLIGATED to bring gifts for the kids on Christmas Eve! LOL!
Playing jacks with Coli! No further explanation is needed.
Twister... who knew our family was so bendable?
Being able to buy a Christmas present for my Husband. I’ve waited for that moment for a long time.
And last but not least, having a ‘complete’ family - notice I didn’t just use the word family - to wake up with on Christmas morning.

These are just a smidgen of the memories that I’ve tucked away from Christmas 2007.

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