Thursday, November 22, 2007


It’s finally here... Thanksgiving Day! A day when we wake up and immediately start thinking of turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin pie (or pecan pie for those from the mid-west). Some how, some way, our tummies seem to be emptier, hungrier on this day, and sweat pants don’t seem like such a bad option when choosing the attire for the day.

Yet, even though I did wake up - I’ll admit it - thinking about turkey and potatoes and pumpkin pie, I sit here now thinking about “giving thanks”.

I just got off the phone with my family back in California. What a treat it was to be able to catch (almost) everyone at my sister’s house already. In one phone call I got to connect with the people I’m used to spending this holiday with. Instead of allowing myself to be bummed about the fact that we all won’t be together, I’m thankful for the fact that one day - hopefully sooner than later - we’ll be sitting around a Thanksgiving table celebrating together again.

In just a short while, we’ll be trekking over to Coli and J’s house for... turkey, potatoes and pumpkin pie. Although this year will be different, I’m excited that the family that is here will be together and that we get to share this day with others (kids/parents from the Bible study) who wouldn’t necessarily be feasting on the traditional Thanksgiving goodies.

Thank You, LORD, for my many blessings and for your ability to connect hearts that are miles apart.

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