Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pooh Sticks

Today was the 8th thunderstorm in just as many days. We’ve had more rain than we know what to do with. Not exactly summer as I’ve known it, but I’m not complaining because “I love me some rain”. As I pulled into the driveway from a trip to Half Price Books with the kids, I couldn’t help but notice the gushing rivers; more commonly known as rain-filled gutters. The thought hit me upside the head like a brick thrown through the car window... WE NEED TO PLAY POOH STICKS!

I must have thought out loud because my thought was met with resounding shouts of glee from the back seats. I’ve never seen kids move so fast to get out of the car and into some “okay for getting soaked” clothes! We chose our straws and headed outside. Wouldn’t you know it... just as we got set to begin our game, the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down. These pictures are just a snapshot of the fun we had for the next 15 minutes. Oh, and the day was even better for Alec because he ended up the victor!

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